About Buy Soap Online

About Buy Soap Online

Where we started

Buy Soap Online started back in 2018 as an eBay store called Mail Order Soap specialising in men’s shower gel and soaps, a gap in the market for low-cost luxury and everyday shower gels online.

We quickly expanded our product range, got new suppliers, and invested to make our service even better.

Customer Service in our DNA

Since the beginning, we’ve put our customers at the center of everything we do. And it shows. We have over 1800 positive feedback comments left on eBay (and growing), and fast approaching 100 on Trustpilot.

The premise

It all started with putting 3 low-cost shower gels together to utilise the fixed nature of postage costs on eBay. By doing this, customers saved compared with buying single units offered by most companies.

Expanding buysoaponline.com

The Buy Soap Online website officially launched in 2019, and allowed us more flexibility on prices, and to reduce postage costs.

Since then, we have grown and expanded with even more exciting new products, while maintaining our ethos that items should remain low-cost, and shipping should be quick and reasonably-priced.

That’s why we cap shipping at £2.85 for any order size, and shipping is totally free on orders over £50 — so fill your baskets!

You’ll find top brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Joop, and many more in our store.

Plenty more to come

As a young-and-growing business, we have big plans for the future, and we couldn’t do it without our customers. We’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who continues to use Buy Soap Online, or is about to make their first purchase — you won’t be disappointed!